Vinyl Siding Installation Greensboro

Vinyl Siding Greensboro, NC

Made mostly from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin, vinyl sidings are a great way to weatherproof your house. This exterior siding is a trusted choice for all kinds of buildings and houses. Many of our clients have also used siding for decorative purposes. If you’re interested in leveling up your home, siding is one of the ways to do it. Quality Remodeling in Greensboro can provide you the vinyl siding installation services you need.

Why Choose Vinyl Siding?

Vinyl siding made its first appearance in the 1950s as an alternative to aluminum siding. It was very difficult to create at the time, but manufacturing has gotten easier over the past 20 years and has improved the quality and value of vinyl siding.

One of the benefits of vinyl siding is its durability. It can withstand high-speed winds, resisting 110 mph and higher. If you want something stronger, some of our sidings can even withstand tornado force winds of up to 240 mph. Our sidings stay firm at the panel, locking, and the nail hem.

Not only is the siding visually appealing, but it also protects from moisture, heat, and cold. Our vinyl siding has ultraviolet resistant coatings that help it retain its color. You won’t need any maintenance on our products.

Thanks to this protection, you’ll never need to paint, caulk, or stain your sidings. Aside from this, its many design options make it a versatile choice no matter your house’s exterior aesthetic. In fact, vinyl sidings are so well crafted that they can mimic wood and metal siding. It comes in a range of colors, textures, and styles. You can even opt for horizontal and vertical panels.

Popular Vinyl Siding Options

Our sidings can come in a variety of designs. Here are some of our most popular:

  • Cedar Impressions: These can come in individual, double, or triple shingles. You can also choose a shape, including octagon, rough split, and perfection. Match it to your trims to make your siding installation seamless.
  • Haven: This insulated siding looks and feels like real wood. Your neighbors will not notice the difference. The material itself helps prevent the flow of hot and cold air through your walls. One of the reasons our clients choose this siding is its flat fit, helping hold your home’s design together.

Add the Finishing Touches With Quality Remodeling

There is something about sidings that helps catch the attention of many. It adds to the beauty of your home while lessening your need to work thanks to being maintenance-free. If you’ve ever dreamed of having a home that can stop people in its tracks, then vinyl siding is an option you can consider.

Quality Remodeling has 30+ years of experience in vinyl siding installation and replacement. We can help you get your house back into shape.

Don’t settle for less when it comes to the place you spend the most time in. Our quality products and work can help you express that style you’ve always wanted. Contact us today to learn more about our vinyl siding installation and get a free estimate.



Cedar Impressions

Cedar Impressions® Triple 5-inch Straight Edge Perfection Shingles in the color Flagstone, Beaded Triple 3 1/3-inch InvisiVent Soffit in Colonial White and matching Vinyl Carpentry® mitered corners in Flagstone.


Haven® Insulated Siding Insulates against everything but jealous neighbors

Haven® insulated siding combines the looks of real wood and the energy efficiency of industry-leading insulation technology. Let’s call it very high tech. Our EPS insulation reduces the flow of hot and cold air through wall cavities. Plus our “locked-tight” TXL™ Lamination distinguishes itself by how uniformly it holds siding and insulation together for a seamless, flat fit.